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>> glenn: welcome to the glenn beck program. all week we have been closing the case on the arguments we made last year. tonight, i'm asking for your full undivided attention, as we close the case on the structure being put in place to fundamentally transform america. this is the last critical piece of the puzzle that you need to understand. and you need to understand why it's being done, and how they're doing it. but first, let me share some really good news with you. i don't know if you heard it yet, but president obama has finally capitulated and decided to fulfill his campaign promise. he gave clearly at least eight times to put the healthcare debate and all the negotiations on c-span. due to mounting pressure, obama announced today that he will open up the healthcare debate to the american public
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and broadcast the congress cannial pro -- congressional proceedings on c-span for one full hour. it ca -- i call that an infomerci infomercial. that should be plenty of time to fill in every detail of the 2,500-page bill, don't you think? it's only the bill to fundamental transform our republic. don't say this president doesn't listen to the little people. buckle up, gang and get ready for an important hour to help you understand what, why and how the progressives in power are changing the structure of our nation. >> glenn: i want to start with a personal note. by the way, hello, america. i don't know if i ever told you why i believe some of the things i do or how i began my journey into believing what i do. it's funny that the uber left
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tries to discredit me calling me a conspiracy theorists because i always made fun of conspiracy people. but sometimes there are conspiracies and sometimes it's plain out in the open and you have to be willing to look at it. conspiracies aren't conspiracies when they're true and open. we have been closing the case this week on all of the things that we talked about last year because we have to move on. we can't still sit here and say gee, i wonder if this is what we're doing. we have to move to the position of what are we going to do about it now? that's where we start next week. more and more americans are finding themselves where i am. in a place where you don't want to believe the stuff that you now do. even the stuff that you would have thought a year ago was crazy town. but you do believe it. because you're honest with yourself. you have promised yourself as i have to seek the truth, no
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matter how many times you think about it, no matter how many times you think oh, my gosh, what does this mean to to my future or the future to my children? if it makes me a pariah so be it. it is the truth. not stuff i want to believe. but everything is in jeopardy. our children's future is at stake. do you believe that your children will be better off if things continue this way, that they will be better off than you are? for the first time in my life i do not. quite honestly, every president has said it. our founders said it. america is the world's last and greatest hope. you don't really have a choice but to deal with the facts as you find them if you want to stand as a guardian of freedom. if you find the facts and you don't like them, oh, well, so be it. they're the facts. my daughter came to me about two years ago.
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i have always been kind of, you know, usa, usa kind of guy. i love this country. i love the founders. and i tried to instill those values in my kids. well, when she desighed she was going to go to college and study ancient history, i said what? he said dad, i want to study history. i would like to be indiana jones without the scary spiders and the whips. i said, why don't you major in american history? she looked at me and i mean this was like an arrow through my heart. she said, "dad, i can't. i don't think you really know american history." she said, "every time i get into it, it seems like the bad guys show up and then they win." i was breake broken hearted. my daughter believed the lies that was being taught. it told her i would prove her wrong, she had been indoctrinated. a couple of years later and many, many, many books and
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papers and conversations with esteemed professors later, i discovered that she was more right than i cared to believe. the founding of this country was miraculous. the industrial age gets a little dicey. and then the progressive era, which is all but been erased from history changed everything. what really opened my eyes was this book. i have mean, does it look boring, or what? it was given to me by robbie george, a professor at princeton university. very respected professor. i started finding out about early american progressiprogres. he gave me this book. written by r.j. setrito. woodrow wilson and roots of modern liberalism. this is my son. he drew a picture of me in the front. he's five. although it does have a striking resemblance to me,
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doesn't it? it is one of the most boring books you will bleed. it's eye bleed boring. but i learned things about our nation and the progressive era i prayed were not true. i didn't go here. i went to other books on progressive and then i went to the progressive words themselves. the more i read, the more sad i became. because i saw their influence, i saw what they set up. they started 100-year time bomb. they planted it in the early 1900s, mainly with this guy, woodrow wilson. one evil s.o.b. bad dude! but he wasn't alone. the republicans had their guy as well. teddy roosevelt. a guy i thought i liked. i had a bust of teddy roosevelt in my house. i use it now as a doorstop. only the real elite recognized what was going on. earlier this week i showed you that progressives mainly led by fdr and woodrow wilson learned how to use the media. centers of higher education
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and then law school starting in the 1920s to transform america slowly, because they tried to do it quickly and honestly and out in the open under wilson. but it failed. you see in the early 20th century, progressives were popular under teddy roosevelt and then in the early part with woodrow wilson. until their policies really began to unveil themselves, the progressives were the -- >> this is fox news channel decided to interrupt glenn beck's program today to bring you this. statements by the people you see on the stage now, robert gibbs, white house press secretary, plus john brennan, assistant to the president on counterterrorism and the homeland security secretary janet napolitano. earlier you heard the president talk, give his report and his analysis of the events that happened on christmas day and what preceded that with the attempted apparent bombing of the northwest airlines flight as it came in detroit. now they're going to go through this report for us and answer reporters' questions and the live coverage begins now.
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>> secondly, a memo, three-page memo signed a little while ago by the president on corrective actions that have been ordered. we will hear momentarily from two individuals, secretary napolitano, from the department of homeland security, and john brennan, assistant to the president for homeland security and counterterrorism. after they speak, we will spend about half an hour or so taking your questions. i know many of you have deadlines, so if you need to sneak out of here, that is certainly fine to do. we will hear first from john. >> thank you, robert. good evening, everyone. as the president said today following the attempted terrorist attack on christmas day he directed me to conduct immediate review of the watch listing system that the nation uses to prevent suspected terrorists from
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entering our country. he also directed key department and agencies to provide their input to this review and i want to commend secretary napolitano, director of national intelligence blair and other leader of the intelligence community for their cooperation, ran candor and support. let me say every department and organization provided the information that was needed. that speaks to the serio seriousness to which this administration takes what happened on christmas. it also speaks to our urgency and determination to make sure that this does not happen again. the review had three primary goals. to get the facts, to find out what happened, to identify the failures and shortcomings of what went wrong. to make recommendations on corrective action so we can fix the problems. i want to address each of these areas. first, the facts. as the president has described in his public remarks in the weeks and months leading up to the christmas attack, various proponent of the intelligence community had fragments of information about the strategic threat posed by al-qaeda in the arabian peninsula, aqap.
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the specific plot of umar farouk abdulmutallab. it was known at aqap not only sought to strike u.s. targets in yemen as they had when they attacked the embassy in sana'a in 2008 but also it sought to strike the u.s. homeland. there was threat stream of intelligence on the threat. it was known thanks to the warning of his father in november that umar farouk abdulmutallab developed extremist views and his father feared he joined unidentified extremists. as the summary points out there was information about an individual now believed to mr. abdulmutallab and his association with al-qaeda. thigh w these were from the intelligence available before abdulmutallab boarded an airplane in amsterdam. given the fragment of intelligence we didn't know, why weren't they integrated and pieced together in a way that would have uncovered and disrupted the mrolt? th -- disrupted the plot?
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that leads to the second line of inquiry. what went wrong? this was not the failure of a single individual or single organization. yes, there were some human errors but those errors were not the primary or fundamental cause of what happened on december 25. rather, this was a systemic failure, across agencies and across organizations. i want to be clear about this, because there has been some confusion out there. in recent days, it's been widely reported we saw the same failures before 9/11 or the same failure to share information. and after eight years why hasn't been this been fixed? before 9/11 there was often reluctance or refusal to share information between department and agencies. as a result, different agencies and analysts across agencies were at times denied access to the critical information that could have stopped the tragic 9/11 attacks. over the past eight years those issues have largely been resolved. that is not what happened here. this was not a failure to share information. in fact, our review found the intelligence agencies and analysts had the information
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they needed. no agency or individual was denied access to that information. so as the president said, this was not a failure to collect or share intelligence. it was a failure to connect and integrate and understand the intelligence we had. we didn't follow up and prioritize stream of intelligence indicating that al-qaeda on the arabian peninsula sought to strike the homeland because no one intelligence entity, team or task force was assigned responsibility for doing that follow-up investigation. the intelligence fell through the cracks. this happened in more than one organization. this contributed to the larger failure to connect the fragments of intelligence that could have revealed the plot of the abdulmutallab screws, aqap involvement with nigerian and desire to strike the homeland. this led to short coming in the watch listing system, human and technological, resulting in abdulmutallab not placed on the watch list. thereby, allowing him to board a plane in amsterdam for detroit. and while the watch listing
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system is not broken, how the intelligence community feeds information into that system clearly needs to be strengthened. this brings to us the recommendations. how do we fix the problem? today, the president is issuing a directive to all the relevant agencies on corrective action he decided on. there are more than a dozen corrective steps altogether and each assigned to agency now responsibility for the implementation. as the president said, they fall in four broad areas. first, he is directing that the intelligence community immediately began assigning responsibility for investigating all leads on the high priority threats so that these leads are pursued and acted upon aggressively so plots are disrupted. second, he is directing that the intelligence reports, especially those involving potential threats to the united states be distributed more rapidly and more widely. third he is directing that we strengthen the analyst progress. denny blair will take the lead improving the day-to-day
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effort and the advisory board will take the longer term challenge of identifying and analyzing the intelligence from the broad universe of the intelligence we collect. that challenge is growing every day. finally, the president is ordering an immediate effort to strengthen the criteria used to add individuals to the terrorist watch list. especially the no-fly list. so we do a better job keeping dangerous people off airplanes. the president said he is going to hold all of us, the staff, the national security team, agencies, accountable for implementing these reforms. the security staff has been watching the progress. and are to report back on 30 days and regular basis after that and i will do so. taken together, the reforms are going to improve the intelligence community ability to do its job better, to collect, share, integrate, analyze and act on intelligence swiftly and intellige intelligently to protect our country. finally i want to say in every instance, over the past year, the intelligence and
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homeland security community and law enforcement community has done an absolutely outstanding and stellar job in protecting this homeland and disrupting plots. >> the briefing at the white house happening now, john brennan assistant to the president on counterterrorism speaking on the report issued by the government and to the president regarding the events that led up to the attempted bombing of airliner over detroit. let's listen. >> highlight them now. i am the president's assistant for homeland security and counterterrorism. and i told him that i will do better and we will do better as a team. thank you. >> thank you. i want to update all of you on the actions the department of homeland security took immediately following the failed christmas day can attack. and the longer term recommendations that d.h.s. made to the president in our preliminary report. these recommendations lay out how we will move forward in a
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number of areas that are critical in our efforts to protect air travel from terrorism. as many have already experienced, we have immediately strengthened screening requirements for individuals flying to the united states. every individual flying to the united states from anywhere in the world who has an itinerary or passport from nations that are state sponsors of terrorism or countries of interest is required to go through enhanced screening. in addition, the majority of all other passengers on united states bound international flights will go through random threat based enhanced screening. at airports throughout the united states, we have deployed additional airport law enforcement officials, behavior detection officers, air marshals and explosi explov detection k-9 teams, among other measures, seen and unseen. i want to express our thanks to the traveling public with their patience on the
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security measures and i want to thank as well the department of homeland security personnel who have been engaged on a day in and day out basis to implement them since christmas. today i would like to describe to you five of the recommendations that are included in our report to the president. first, their needs to be a re-evaluation and modification of the criteria and process used to create the terrorist watch list. this will involve department of homeland security and other members of the intelligence community. specifically, the effort will include evaluating the process by which names are put on the no fly and selectee lists. let me pause here a moment to say that the department of homeland security works day in and day out with the nctc and with other members of the intelligence community. these are dedicated men and women.
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all of them are dedicated to the safety of the united states. here as john has indicated, we semi simply had a systemic failure. now, d.h.s., as you know, uses the list as the cornerstone of our effort to prevent suspected terrorists from boarding airplanes bound for the united states. second, we will establish a partnership on aviation screening technology between d.h.s. and the department of energy and its national laboratories. this will allow government to use the expertise of the national labs have to develop new and more effective technologies. so that we can react not only to known threats but also to proactively anticipate new ways by which terrorists could seek to board our aircraft. third, we should accelerate deployment of advanced imaging technology so we have greater capabilities to detect, explosives like the
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ones used in the christmas day attack. we currently have 40 machines deployed throughout the united states. and in 2010 we are already scheduled to deploy 300 more. we may deploy more than that. but the t.s.a. does not conduct screening overseas. and the christmas day incident underscored that the screening procedures at foreign airports are critical to our safety here in the united states. therefore we have to do all we can do to encourage foreign authorities to utilize the same enhanced technologies for aviation security. after all, there were passengers from 17 countries aboard flight 253. this is an international issue, not just one about the united states. fourth, we have to strengthen the presence and capacity of aviation law enforcement on top of the measures we have already taken. this includes increasing the number of federal air
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marshals, and we will begin by deploying law enforcement officers from across the department of homeland security to help fulfill this important role. fifth, working with the secretary of state, we need to strengthen international security measures. and standards for aviation security. security measures abroad affect our security here at home. the deputy secretary of d.h.s. and other officials from my department has for several days been on multi-country, multi-continent mission meeting with top transportation and airport officials discussing ways to increase cooperation and security. later this month, i'll be traveling to spain to meet with my -- >> homeland security secretary janet napolitano speaking at the white house briefing room, along with john brennan, assistant to the president on counterterrorism and you saw robert gibbs was there as well. get to bret baier, host of "special report" in washington. bret, we have been led to believe there would be shocking things coming out of this report.
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it read it. i can't find the shocking. >> i totally agree with you, shep. we have been through this just since the president started talking and we can't find the shocking either. we were told it was delayed because they were having a debate inside the white house about what to declassify. they didn't choose to declassify much obviously. the president saying the buck stops with him. not firing anybody. we haven't heard of any resignations. so the shock value of this announcement and this report even as you hear the advisors that are talking in the briefing room is not yet there. the politics surrounding this, as you know, are very difficult for this white house. they're trying to get ahead of this. but in washington, it's been a tough couple of weeks for them. >> the briefing continues at it's streaming live there. you are welcome to watch it if you like. we're back to beck in 60 seconds. bre bret, before we get away. it guess the political side of this is far from over. >> far from over. when you have all of the red flags that they were dealing with and the president talked
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about it, they were all on the table. the guy pays for the ticket in cash. the father goes to the embassy and says my son has been radicalized. he's on a list. then you learn that the authorities were going to talk to him once the plane landed. off big problem. this is what this white house is trying to get ahead of. but the politics are far from over around this. >> bret baier live in the washington newsroom. good to see you. we'll see you in 40 short minutes, right after the beck program. first, though, this continues to stream live at we have continuing coverage on, including a link to that report from the white house. i'm shepard smith. fox news, new york. the glenn beck program continues right now. ♪ >> glenn: all right. before we went to break we talked about the system of what they have to do here to get anything passed, those progressives. they have to bribe and indoctrinate. if these still don't work, then they have to get nasty. they're going to silence you. well, that couldn't be
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happening, right? certainly not within their own party. right? >> senator has spoken for ten minutes. >> i wonder if i could ask unanimous consent for an additional moment. >> in my capacity as senator from minnesota, i object. >> really? okay. >> i just saw -- i've been around here 20 some years and first time i've seen a member denied an extra minute or two, to finish his remarks. and i must say i don't know what is happening here in this body. but i think it's wrong. >> it is wrong. i know joe lieberman. i don't always agree with him. in fact, sometimes i vehemently disagree with him. but he is a decent man. when he said, "oh, really," he was stunned. i don't agree much of anything of john mccain, but i do believe he's a man of honor. he, too, is stunned. john mccain and joe
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lieberman. mccain steps up and says i don't know what is happening in this chamber. oh, john, why don't you stop idolizing theodore roosevelt and read what theodore roosevelt wanted to do followed by woodrow wilson. i blame you. i blame joe lieberman. i blame al franken. i blame all those that stood by while they watched the constitution being shredded. i blame you for what is going on in that chamber, because anyone who swears to uphold and defend the constitution should know its history and the history of the early 20th century progressives. instead, these progressives and the republicans and the democratic party have decided to embrace, encourage, and in many ways become part of it. the progressive movement is not an american constitutional ideoloideology. it's more akin to early italian fascism than to founding fathers. for anybody who wants to say there he goes again calling
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progressives fascist, let's remember history. put it in the history context. charles beard in the new republic wrote beyond question, an amazing experiment is being made here. experiment in reconciling individualism and socialism. politics and technology. it would be a mistake to allow the feeling arouaroused b contemplating the harsh deeds and extr extravagant aer isatio that have accompanied the fassism process. it's the philosophy that the ends justify the means and the elites can make a better choice than the individual. it's that the antithesis of what james maddy canson and george washington and ben franklin fought and lived their entire life for. now, i want to show you the politics of destruction. the first, remember, this is what barack obama said, that he was against, you know, the old style of politics. he hated it. and he was going to change
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all of that. >> that is the politics of the past. we are to offering the politics of the future. we are tired of the politics of fear. we're going to offer the politics of hope. >> that is the politics of the past, and we are look at the politics of the future. >> the american people were ready for something new. they were tired of a politics that was all about tearing each other down, they wanted politics that was about lifting the country up. people wanted to see politics that wasn't about tearing each other down but was about lifting the country up. >> glenn: okay. that sounds great, doesn't it? a lot of talk about hope and change and lifting people up. not tearing them down. it sounded so great during the election, but i ask: do you feel like the government is lifting you up and giving you a lot of straight talk now? if you disagree with this administration or this congress, welcome to the politics of destruction. you tow the party line or you will be attacked. when in december senator lieberman was against the
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healthcare bill, the left got so worked up that the "washington post."com blogger ezra klein wrote, "lieberman seems primarily motivated by torturing liberals. that is to say he seems willing to cause the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people in order just to settle an old electoral score." wow! i have said, i have a major critic of senator lieberman. but let's take a look at that for a second. they say lieberman was okay with the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people for political games. i am sure glad we have in the past politics of fear and division and we are helping people up instead of tearing people down. if a politician keeps going on because they have a spine, i showed you how they would get their critics to attack the politician's family. these people are so desperate to pass their reform that liberal groups went after
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hadapha lieberman. she's a global ambassador for susan g. komen for breast cancer research and they demanded her salary not be paid or she be fired outright. oh, my gosh! liberal blogger jane hamishire attacked the wife of senator lieberman. attacked her charity work. charity. because jane didn't like the way the senator was leaning on healthcare. again, jane, i'm glad we moved past the politics of division. by the way, just a reminder, we also told you on that program that jane hamshire used to date that guy. chief of seiu, andy stern. why am i not surprised? liberal blogger. what a great job. as far as we know, she is still blogging liberally. but what if you are a group like the tea party movement, 9-12, you went to the tea party movement or a summer town hall meeting? well, you are a hate monger,
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racist, uneducated, redneck that doesn't understand or you're just being led right along to slaughter by fox news. >> obama barbers. i have to say this is not entirely representative of everybody in america. this was organized by three different conservative groups. >> i think you get the general tenor of this. it's anti-government, anti-cnn, since this is highly promoted by the right wing conservative network fox. >> let's be very honest about what this is about. it's not about bashing democrats. it's not about taxes. they have no idea what the boston tea party was about. they don't know the history. this is about hating a black man in the white house. this is racism straight up. that is nothing but a bunch of rednecks. >> leave it. >> this is funded by the high end. we call it astro turf. it's not a grassroots movement. it's astro turf by some of the wealthiest people in america. >> glenn: that's unbelievable. i love jeannien, they're so
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stupid they don't even know their history. if they can't destroy you, what do they do to the tea party movement? they just erase you. do you remember when the person of the year was named ben bernanke? something or somebody was missing. watch this. >> gee, i can't think of anybody else that might have affected this country at all in the last year, "time" magazine. can't think of any, i don't know, any protest eers or anything. there hasn't been any disagreements with this president at all. you know, just thinking who could it be? who are they missing? you know, i mean the progressives are jamming bills right down our threats. and america is just taking it. there is no questions asked. right? there is nobody standing in the streets. wait a minute, remember that tea party thing that is going on? you know, the 9-12 movement? tea party movement. it wasn't even in the year in pictures. how do you do the year in pictures without the pictures of the people standing in the mall?
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or standing there at the town hall meetings? oh, the progressives may have forgotten you tea party goers. but we have not. thigh use these tactics to buy time. what are they buying time for? for what? the fundamental transformation of america. the progressive dream that began over 100 years ago. they need the structure to control every aspect of your life and they are just about finishing building it.
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hello, everyone. i'm uma pemmaraju on the fox news headquarters in new york. moments ago, president obama announcing a series of new security measures the government will be implementing after the attempted bombing of the u.s.-bound plane on christmas day. >> first, i'm directing that our intelligence community immediately begin assigning specific responsibility for investigating all leads on high priority threats. second, i'm directing that intelligence reports especially those involving potential threats to the united states be distributed more rapidly and more widely. third, i'm directing that we strengthen the analytical proce process. finally, i'm ordering an immediate effort to strengthen criteria used to add individuals to the terrorist watch list. >> the president's remarks come as the american public today gets a declassified look at the events that allowed a suspected terrorist to slip through the cracks.
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now we return to the glenn beck program. for the headlines, log on to stay with us. ♪ ♪ >> glenn: today, i am showing the structure of our modern day progressives. what they want for america, and the single most important piece of structure is government run healthcare. i have warned against passing healthcare. over and over again. >> america's picture is being transform and we're not noticing it. none of the small stuff is as important as the fundamental changes currently being made to how our country works. even the healthcare bill. this healthcare bill in any form must not pass. >> glenn: i told you the real reason they want to pass healthcare. here it is. >> what do the progressives get out of healthcare?
5:37 pm
control. answer number one. and control of what? control over you. proggressives think that you are too selfish, too greedy, too stupid to make good choices for collective. someone else needs to nudge you in the correct choices. this is why progressives push for more government, more control and more regulation. they though better than you. government healthcare is perfe perfect. the perfect progressive weapon, because it can be morph and twisted into anything. it can be morphed and twisted into guns. they're dangerous. we have to sew people up after guns. carbon, it will hurt everybody. food, cigarettes, beer, video games, you name it, they control it. health argument can be made for anything, and if you're burdening the system with your beer, guess what? prohibition. that's what they did last time. of course, liberal bloggers will call me crazy. i don't think they're going
5:38 pm
to ban beer again. no, they have a problem. they'll just tax it out because now they have the tax code! progress is in washington instead of arguing the facts use their tactics of their old hero saul alinsky. >> if you get sick, america, the republican healthcare plan is this. die quickly. that's right. the republicans want you to die quickly if you get sick. >> glenn: of course they do. no, alan, i just don't want politicians deciding on what i can and cannot eat. what i can and cannot drive. see how high i can set my thermostat. see, you know, i'm a fan of a little thing called personal liberties. this healthcare bill is one giant leap for progressive control to replace personal choice and responsibility. it's all being sold to america as if it's our right to have healthcare. watch this. this should be played on every news channel in america at the top of every hour
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until people hear. it it's senator tom harken. watch this. >> on one side is healthcare as a privilege. on the other side is healthcare as a right. with these votes, with the vote that we'll take before christmas, we will cross that line finally and say that healthcare is a right of all americans. >> glenn: okay. this is -- he went on and right after they met in the senate and they talked about how congress is creating a new right. and don't worry, we're just building a bigger house. it's fantastic. healthcare is not a right. fdr to a progressive tried to make it a right with the second bill of rights. the current regulatory czar has an entire book out on fdr's unfinished revolution called "the second bill of rights rights." now wait a minute, how can tom harkin say they created a right, created a right?
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harkin is declaring congress as god. because we all know where the rights come from. if you read the declaration of impendence. this is a phrase from the declaration of independence on where the rights come from. you may have heard it before. it goes something like this -- we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal and they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. were you listening to that, tom? cass, barack obama. endowed by their creator. not endowed by their senator or their regulatory czar or their president. god is the grantor of rights. no one else. but that is the politics of the past. the politics of our founding. the progressives like fdr, sunstein, harkin desperately want you to be dependent on them and not dependent on yourself and god, well, that's just a secondary
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thought. if god doesn't exist, if god is somehow or another cut out of the rights process, you get all of your rights from government. that is in essence what our founders fought against. government bestowing rights. it gives them power. because what the government giveth, the government can taketh away. if you didisobey, get who loses thafr ri their right? if you eat too many chips, fatty, guess who losts right to healthcare? because it's costing the system. you do, fatty. does anybody remember the british nurse who got a job in new zealand and she was told she couldn't live there because the government did the math and her bmi, the body mass index came out to 55.2 which would cost new zealand $2500. she couldn't live in new zealand because she was too fat. why? government run healthcare.
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this is what cass sunstein, the most dangerous man in america, i believe, also is leading us toward. this is why you should be frightened that the secretary of hss is mentioned 2,500 times, that is her than one time per page -- that is more than one time per page overall and more than 1600 of those times having the authority to create, determine or define things in the healthcare bill. because they be l be decided on who does and who does not get rights, because rights no longer come from god in america. at least fdr tried to make the pitch to the american people. harkin and the rest of the progressives are in control today and they are letting the american people that we don't need to pitch a second bill of rights to americans. they just do it. the old revolutionary saying comes to mind. disobedience toty ransy is to bead -- disobedience to tyranny is obedience to god. back in a minute.
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>> glenn: and in their arrogance they built a tower to the sky. that has gone through my mind. about the tower -- it's gone through my mind ever since september 11. in their arrogance, their arrogance will be their undoing. it's what i fear about the undoing of america. it is the joy that i have in the arrogance of the
5:47 pm
progressive movement. one of the best examples of how the progressives are arrogant and the way they operate is the way they responded to a show i did where i mentioned the art of rockefeller plaza. i have want you to know right up i am a huge fan of the art in rockefeller plaza. i have a re creation of a -- recreation of a painting in my office of one thing over the front door of 30 rockefeller plaza. it's beautiful art. i'm an or the fan. i don't want art destroyed. but that show was in september. and they're still, still attacking me for it. here is what i said that started the fire storm. watch this. >> this is rockefeller plaza. here is the door frame of this building, where the concerts are. there is this man, and this man. well, let's see. he's holding a hammer and there is him over here. this must be the worker. this must be the worker, yes, because he has the harmer here. the worker. now show me the other door frame. the farmer. there is the weed. what is this? this is a sickle.
5:48 pm
the hammer and the sickle. where has anybody seen that before. you know what? this is it. this is from moscow. >> what they went crazy is when i talked about the fascist symbols. the fascist symbols from italy. they went nuts and hear what they said about me. >> i work in and msnbc comes to you from msnbc comes from an fascist building, evil, living breathing evil building. i know it this is true because glenn beck has teld me so. >> glenn: i believe it's told. jerry salts did i did an batty eight-minute paranoid ranting tying together communist, obamobama, moos muss
5:49 pm
standard oil, syphilis and fasnism. he challenge med to have one that i like and one where all the art to be destroyed should be in. you missed the point. the huffington post said it was another one of those crazy conspiracy theories, yes, but let me introduce you guys to this book. this is the quintessential book on rockefeller center art. it's not written by me or any kind of crazy conservative. this is the art that i said had been destroyed that held up fascism. here it is. on the side, ha art is labor, labor is art. this is also advanced forever eternal youth. there was an outrage about it because it was too much like mousalini. this is just the one part irtalked about -- one part i
5:50 pm
talked about. this is the art i showed on the show that was not destroy and is still there. give you the quick line. fortunately this panel escapes destruction surviving art as the main entrance of the international art. because it lacked obvious controversial mottos and was not sur rounded by blatant symbols of fascism. maybe you art critics should read the books written by art critics. it's been nearly five months now and they can't seem to let go. maybe because the evidence is right there in front of millions of new yorkers every day. it doesn't make the art evil or the building evil. it's just about the truth. another case closed. back in a minute. eeeeeeee
5:51 pm
5:52 pm
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
a>> glenn: while we were on vacation, the president signed executive order. it's about the international criminal police organization interpol. their headquarters are in the department of justice in america and we work together and we should. but the president signed an executive order right before christmas. "designing interpol as a public international organization entitled to enjoy certain privileges, xech exemptions and immunities." why? i have been trying to find out the answer why? and no one in the white house will respond. who can tell me what special interest group asked for this? if it were about terror, why not tell us about it when you sign it? this congress attacks our c.i.a. and fbi but the european group interpol they give immunity to? why?
5:55 pm
this doesn't make sense. the oddest part is the story was reported on if the "new york times." yes! they've been doing a lot of that lately. for instance, there is another story that may be double check to see if i was reading the "new york times." they seem to be getting it now on the economy, which can makes me question everything i believe about the economy. last week they had this story about the obama home loan programs not working. saying the program to protect home ownerers from foreclosure has been widely announced a disappointment and some economist and real estate experts now contend it's doing more harm than good. another one about the fed's incompetence on page a-1 -- >> glenn: seeing they missed this one. did ron paul suddenly get a job as a reporter at the "new york times"? or do we need to re-evaluate everything?
5:56 pm
not only are so many american watchdogs on top of things it appears etch the "new york times" is beginning to catch on. seriously, when the "new york times" says maybe we shouldn't give government more power, and they call out a failed obama socialist program, something is stirring in america. right back. çyd
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
>> glenn: last year this program was all about just trying to figure out what was going on, what were they doing? where were they heading? we've presented our case this week of

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